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Acne problem and treatment that Really Work

Acne on the face or body can occur as a result of genetic predisposition or during the menstrual cycle, in pregnancy, menopause and as a result of stress or drug consumption. Sebum and bacterial skin buildup can also result in acne. About 20% of people have acne problems after puberty or in adulthood. The consequence of acne can be the ugly scars on the skin that no longer need to be a permanent stigma. The development of modern laser technology and expert knowledge of dermatologists can completely eliminate acne and prevent scarring if you begin to treat the skin in the right way. Acne and impure skin are not just a problem faced by teenagers, but also an increasing number of adults.


acne treatment

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Why acne is formed?

The opening of the gingiva is blocked and prevents the release of the game on the surface of the skin. Consequently, there is a mole or comedon, which makes the trapped lice in the gingival canal. The gingival canal can spread to a certain extent until it breaks and the trapped skin penetrates the skin, causing inflammation of the acne. Bacteria do not play an important role in acne development and are not the main goal of acne treatment.


How to prevent the development of acne?

Diet control: move sugar from food, milk with milky products, pizza, fast food, mayonnaise, carbonated beverages …
– Add nutritional supplements: apple vinegar, zinc, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric …
– Improve digestion control with probiotics and fiber nutrition
– Regular facial cleansing
– Intake of antioxidants, substances that reduce inflammation


Acne treatment

So far acne treatment has been based mostly on antibiotic creams that no longer have the place because the bacteria have become resistant to them and bacteria are not key to the development of acne. Benzyl peroxide and azalic acid are often used although local retinoids have a much better effect. Applying creams is a relatively new product. Systemic antibiotics can only be used briefly and act on the result rather than the cause! Contraception with isotretion (Roaccutan) is the most effective option, but unfortunately, accompanied by numerous side effects. In proven hormonal disorders, essential hormone and insulin regulation is required in insulin resistance. A great novelty in treating acne is the use of lasers that in most cases can replace classic acne therapy with a better result without side effects.


Laser acne treatment

Lasers are a great help in treating acne due to its high efficiency, because it acts on the cause of the acne – a bad gland that is being destroyed. The goal is to reduce the size of the sebaceous gland. It is important to note that the face is never dry. They also have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. On average it is necessary to do 5 acne treatments every three to four weeks. There are numerous lasers that combine for a better effect.


The infrared laser acne treatment uses heat to destroy the sebaceous gland with an anti-inflammatory effect. Because of its great penetration depth, it destroys or reduces the sore gland. They also reduce redness at the site of acne or inflammation. This also reduces the pore size.

Fractional lasers cause microscopic damage under the skin to eradicate the gastric gland. Depending on the effect on the skin, they are divided into ablative lasers that damage the surface of the skin and are unpredictable that do not damage the skin surface. Depending on the type, they have an anti-inflammatory effect, while reducing acne and acne scars. We can say that fractional lasers are the basis for acne treatment because they are most effective in destroying the gastric ulcers.

Pulse dye laser is one of the options for treating acne and primarily for relieving redness caused by inflammation. Most pulse dye lasers are followed by bruises. Wavelength 585 nm is used.

The use of Botox in treating acne is great news because Botox has been shown to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is the most effective aid in acne withdrawal.

Plasma acne treatment is a form of matter that we can compare with lightning. The devices that are in the end of the needle-shaped extension are used to release plasma that has a very strong effect on the destruction of the sebaceous gland and an anti-inflammatory effect. There is no spotting or the like, but just a needle-shaped extension is placed above the skin where plasma that destroys the acne and the sebaceous gland is fired. At the same time, it has a strong pore reduction. If want know more details about acne treatment you chek this informative site.